We are always creating web sites focused on the usability and the user experience, with a functional and creative design.

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Not only we create mobile applications, we start with a deep process of work and analysis to generate wireframes that allow us to develop an application that gives the best user experience and meet the client needs.

iOs & Android applications

Responsive design

Front-end development

Multiplatform / device solutions

Some of our projects



100% KD product, VentiappGO the mobile application will allow you to answer questions and messages from Mercado Libre, search your publications and share the links, block users and much more.

Android & iOS

Futbolímetro FMF

Application for the FMF aimed at children's soccer coaches to measure the performance of players and detect new talents.


SOnBase University app

App aimed at coaches and designed to evaluate the sports performance of baseball and softball players.

Android & iOS

Fox Racing

App aimed at coaches and designed to evaluate the sports performance of tennis players.

Android & iOS

Comex Color Life Decorator
Comex - ColorLife

Decoration app with more than 1,000 colors at your disposal to capture or upload photos of your spaces from your device and decorate them with colors in real time.

Android & iOS

McKinsey & Company
McKinsey & Company

App designed exclusively for internal communication of the consultancy, directory functionalities, news, calendar and agenda of events and carrying out procedures.


Osom app

Multi-brand online store platform for clothing, footwear and accessories.


EasyLend App
EasyLend App

Application for financial institution to request loans over the phone.


Abogado Up - Aplicación para gestión de despachos de abogados
Abogado Up

Application to simplify the process of managing an office: activities, expenses and collections.

Android & iOS

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