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  • We are Shopify Partners
    We are committed to designing a unique, modern and professional e-commerce store.

  • Shopify Partner Developers
    This means we are recognized by Shopify as experts on the platform with specialized knowledge.

  • Custom Design and Development
    We adapt the platform to your brand, style and budget, creating the best user experience for you and your clients.

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Very good agency! It has supported us in every stage of creating our e-commerce. Excellent customer service and they are experts at what they do!
Equipo Vásara

We have carried out several projects with the Kubo Digital team, I recommend them 100% as they have a super professional team. The customer service is excellent.
Lun K.

I 100% recommend Kubo Digital to create Shopify stores, we are very happy with the result.
Carmen Landa

Kubo Digital's services are excellent, they helped me a lot with the design of my Shopify.

100% recommendable. It is a great experience working with Kubo Digital, they are a very professional team.
Fernando B.

Kubo Digital Shopify partners

About Kubo Digital - Shopify Partners

We are an agency that designs and develops eCommerce, we are 100% digital, our team is an expert in web design and UX, in addition, we use the best tools and solutions to help you boost your sales through 100% personalized designs , digital marketing strategies and consulting services. As official Shopify partners, we are experts in managing the platform to make your store highly effective.

No matter which state of the Mexican Republic you are in, we will help you open your Shopify, whether you are in: CDMX, State of Mexico, Jalisco, Veracruz, Guanajuato, Puebla, Querétaro, Sonora, Chihuahua, Sinaloa or Cancún, we can work with you.

Design Experts - Shopify Partners

We focus on designing online stores adapted to the needs of our clients, designing responsive web pages that can be navigated from any device. In addition, we create attractive and personalized designs to communicate the brand and its message to consumers.

We focus on designing online stores adapted to the needs of our clients, designing responsive web pages that can be navigated from any device. In addition, we create attractive and personalized designs to communicate the brand and its message to consumers.


Expert Developers Shopify Partners

We are specialists in developing Shopify stores, the combination of our knowledge and skills allows us to offer the highest level of quality and efficiency in the creation, configuration and optimization of your online store mounted on Shopify.

At Kubo Digital, we make sure to integrate the tools, solutions and APIs necessary for your online store. This allows us to offer you 100% personalized solutions that adapt perfectly to your needs. We are dedicated to developing eCommerce solutions focused on user experience and maximizing your sales.

When it comes to setting up your Shopify store, our team of experts will help you ensure everything is properly structured and implemented. We make sure that your online store is ready to sell successfully from the first moment.

Digital Marketing Strategies for your Shopify

If you're an entrepreneur with an online store on Shopify, you probably already know how important it is to have a solid digital marketing strategy to increase your sales and grow your business. However, designing an effective strategy is not an easy task and could require a lot of time and resources, so it is advisable to hire a specialized agency like Kubo Digital to help you in this process.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that Shopify is a very complete platform with advanced eCommerce tools, but it does not guarantee sales success. A good digital marketing strategy is essential to stand out from the competition and capture the attention of users.

Kubo Digital has a team specialized in digital marketing strategies that will help you define clear and achievable objectives, and design campaigns tailored to your needs. Among the tools we use are Google Ads, Meta Ads, SEO, blog writing, management of social networks focused on engagement, on exit popup, email marketing campaigns, among others.

Process of creating your store in Shopify

  • 1

    Video call with the team of Shopify experts and the client to understand their requirements, learn about their brand, their philosophy and the ideas they have about the store they are looking for.

  • 2

    Design proposal
    The design team works on a visual proposal for the brand with what was discussed in the first meeting.

  • 3

    We show to our clients the visual proposal of the store for approval before moving to the development phase and configuration.

  • 4

    Once the design is approved, we proceed to configure the Shopify store, with the information provided by the client.

  • 5


  • 6

    Review of store in a test environment so that the customer can navigate it and live the user experience.

  • 7

    Basic SEO optimization to help with good positioning in the most important search engines.

  • 8

    Store transfer

  • 9

    Payment methods
    Configuration of payment gateways compatible with Shopify: Mercado Pago, Kueski Pay, PayPal, etc.

  • 10

    Installation of paid applications if the client requires it, which will depend on work hours.

  • 11

    Store use training
    Once the entire process is finished, we deliver the store to the client where we show in detail how it works and the basic actions that need to be done for its correct use.

  • 12

    Maintenance plans
    We provide support to our clients so they know how to manage their store and we provide maintenance actions to their Shopify to keep it up to date.

What we offer you to make your store on Shopify

Advice and development
Personalized attention according to the needs of your store. We can create your Shopify store in Puebla.
Template Configuration
We configure the theme you choose, whether it is a free or paid theme. We are Shopify experts in CDMX
Menu or mega menu
We develop the ideal navigation menu for all your collections/categories. We create your Shopify store in Mexico City
Plugin Implementation
We can install plugins for your products, menu and your store in general. We are Shopify experts in Cancun.
We customize your theme
We design and develop custom elements to meet your needs.
We implement your blog so you can add content whenever you require it. We can create a Shopify store in Jalisco
Payment gateways
Support for installation/integration of different payment gateways. We are Shopify experts in Sinaloa.
Shipping methods
We configure shipping rules for your parcel companies. Creation of a Shopify store in Veracruz.
Parcel integration
We help you integrate packaging companies into your Shopify. We are Shopify experts in Chihuahua.
Publish or import products
Using an application with an extra cost we can publish your entire catalog. We can create a Shopify store in Guanajuato
Personalized advice
We teach you how to upload products and manage your Shopify. We are Shopify experts in Sonora.
Social networks
We bring Meta social networks inside your Shopify. We create Shopify stores in Querétaro.
SSL certificate
All your Shopify stores are secure and have an SSL Certificate. We are Shopify experts in the State of Mexico.
We deliver your Shopify with 3 banners of your brand. We can update them under a monthly payment scheme. We can create your Shopify store in Sonora.
If you need it, we can connect your messenger account so you can stay in communication with your clients. We are Shopify experts in Jalisco.
We add the IG icon and link to your store for free. Creation of a Shopify store in Chihuahua.
Instagram carousel
We can integrate a carousel with the latest updated posts. With an extra cost. We are Shopify experts in Veracruz
We integrated the floating WhatsApp icon to make it easier to contact you and close more sales. Shopify Sinaloa store design.
We integrate your FB icon into your Shopify. If you require it we can activate your marketplace. We are Shopify experts in Querétaro.

*At Kubo Digital we provide personalized advice and all these points are subject to each of our clients' specific cases, which are dealt with directly with them and agreed upon together.